9 November 2016

Another project finished

Do you remember these flowers that I made sometime ago? I asked if anybody knew what or why I'd made them? Well here's the answer!!

First picture is the back of the brooch. You'll see that I've made a circle of tatting (chains only round one tiny ring). I did two of these rounds joining the second one to the first but before I finished I inserted two plastic circles to keep the shape rigid. It's amazing what you can do with plastic milk containers!!! 

Forgot to say - I sewed a clasp to the back of one of the tatted circles before joining the second one to it. 

When everything was done I sprayed with Scotch Guard to keep the whole thing clean. Why? Well it's going to be worn on my winter coat!!!  

In fact (as of yesterday) it's now on the coat and I'm now having to wear it as it's gone very cold.


  1. Picture of the brooch ON the coat, please! - it's a lovely piece, I like brooches. But I don't ever wear earrings.
    Scotch Guard has been unobtainable here for years which is such a shame as it was so useful. Three are alternatives, perhaps the Scotch Guard contained a disallowed ingredient.

  2. I love over the top brooches and this does it so well :) it beautiful and I don't remember it but love it!

  3. I love it! It must be so much fun to wear!!!

  4. That will brighten a Winter day!


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