3 December 2016

I will NOT be beaten!!

Off on another Dora adventure!! I've now decided to return to the one I tried (and failed with) earlier - this is the post where I was mumbling on about picot gauges!!!

This time I'm tatting it 'naked' without one of those wretched objects!!! Bet that made you sit up and notice when I said naked.  If I was tatting without clothes on it would frighten the local residents!!!  Result (so far) is faster tatting and a pretty neat motif. 

We'll see what happens over the next few days/weeks!!! I'm going to try and stay focussed on this without wandering off to other things. Well, that's the aim but the best laid plans of mice, men and, of course BC3 etc!!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I envy your ability to tat without a picot gauge. For several years I was frustrated by my inability to create picots that were anywhere near the same size. Once I learned how to use a picot gauge, I had much less trouble. I guess we all have our way of doing things!

Jane McLellan said...

Those picots certainly look even.

God's Kid said...

That is looking pretty!! I like the airy/lacy look of the long picots

BMDMom said...

You're amazing Jane! LOVE how you're giving it another try.... Like you, I don't use gauges, and your picots look great! Looking forward to seeing the end product. :-)

Jane Eborall said...

Not sure I should tell you this but I bought some picot gauges today!!!! Just want to play with 'proper' gauges to see if they work for me after all those years tatting naked!!!

Pigmini said...

She did!! I saw them folks!! Now to see if bc3 learns how to use them!!! Ridl

Pigmini said...

And that was supposed to read ROFL!

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