19 December 2016


This is another of the patterns from Dora's book. It's called the Pinwheel. I've been working on this for a few weeks but didn't have time to show you until now. 

It's a pretty straightforward pattern to follow and to work BUT it does have an intriguing technique that I'd not met before. 

Be assured - you'll be seeing more of this technique if I can get BC3 to work on the idea!!!!  I can 'see' myself using it in something I'm quietly looking into designing and between starting yet another pattern from 'the' book.

I have had one or two people ask for copies of the patterns but, as I've explained, I can't share as the book is under copyright to Dora's family and I wouldn't dream of breaking copyright laws.  


Tim Kaylor said...

I sure wish they would reprint that book. I am actively looking for a copy. Beautiful job on the pinwheel. The pink just looks right for this. I almost thought it was knitted in baby yarn. It has a soft look and feel to it.

Bernice said...

I love your Pinwheel. Pretty in pink.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Again, another amazing tatted piece. Incredible design! Perfect in pink.

twenty six letters said...

Very pretty!

It's a shame no one is reissuing these old tatting books as ebooks. As it stands, even if one is lucky enough to find a copy, the proceeds often go to greedy resellers, not the designer/their family or even other tatters :(

Jill McTats said...

This book is in current publication. It's available from Handy Hands.

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Happy Beaks
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