19 January 2017

Day 4

Good morning - here is the link for Day 4.


Madtatter80 said...

Having fun thanks you :)

Martha said...

Is the number for z-chains the number of individual stitches or sets of 1 flip/1 not flip? I'm seeing a lot of variation of chain length on the pictures on the TIAS blog, and my chains look a lot shorter than the diagram. Thanks.

Jane Eborall said...

Sets, Martha. So the 'zig' is an ordinary double and the 'zag' is a double worked without flipping (like the second side of a split ring. A zig and a zag is one set. There are 8 sets in the chain. Hope that clarifies things!

Wendy said...

Thanks Jane, that helps me

linb54 said...

thank you for the clarification...I was a bit confuddled. ;)

Linda B.

lej619 said...

And me also!!!

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Happy Beaks
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