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13 March 2017


I can't bear to waste anything and so when I'd got some yarn leftover from the Mochila bag I had to find something to use it up.

I found this pattern online and it just had to be the 'one'. What I liked about this pattern was the clear pdf file plus the videos that went along with it too. 

I had to buy some flesh coloured yarn but that was all.  I must say I do love doing Amigurumi crochet.  Very satisfying.


  1. She's darling! I'm trying to get the hang of tapestry crochet, have way too many colour blips, so I'm going to have to do some more research.

    1. It's a lot to do with the how tight you pull the 'hidden' threads, Jane. There's a line between 'too tight' and 'not tight enough'!!! Sort of a balancing trick!!!

  2. I'm guessing for the Grand....

    Very cute!

  3. She is adorable! Will she make a little girl happy? - Cindy from Dallas

  4. Better than Cabbage Patch, and made with way more love!!

  5. Fabulous little doll!! :)

  6. Oh now you are after my heart, I love these dolls and have yet to make one, you did a fine job and glad to see your other talents :)


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