25 March 2017

Onwards and onwards!

When WILL I learn to act my age? Seriously - I worked most of my life (had time off when the kids were little as there was no way I could work with young kids in those days) but even now in my dotage I'm still pushing myself to 'do' stuff!!!! Perhaps I should invest in another BC? Perhaps BC4? A fourth BC MAY keep me grounded and NOT setting myself constant targets. Any thoughts?

If I did I maybe able to stop this incessant 'need' to have an aim in life. I can't 'just' make one thing - I HAVE to make lots!!!!

I've still got this obsession with the bags made out of the Japanese prints. The first one (below) is a medium sized bag and it's gorgeous. The other pictures show a dark blue bag. Actually not 'bag' but bags!!! There is one large blue and a baby one too. I've fallen in love with 'baby' bags.  See those dragons?  Beware of dragons!!!!

Oh, Ann, there are still more to come!!!


Jane McLellan said...

You're doing a grand job!

Madtatter80 said...

I love these beautiful bags, and I think your fine making multiple copies of one thing it's a good trait to have. That way we can all get one😄💟😄

Pigmini said...

Are those Dragons looking for my Scottish Loch Dragon perchance?? He says he'll be pleased to meet them!!

Tim Kaylor said...

And why should you have to act your age? There are perks with age, you know. Me, I use them.

picotsnkeys said...

I love the bags! I say keep on with your aims. I don't intend to stop. I gotta keep learning and creating!

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