3 April 2017

Couldn't resist

Trying out the new threads!!! I've been tempted to start a doily although they're not 'my thing' but I do like the look of Renulek's 2017 one

It'll never get used but it'll be lovely to make and something to do in those 'odd moments'.

Now the threads that Jill kindly gave me are a mixture of 60, 70 and 80. I'm just going to grab two colours and just 'go' with them. I'm going to ignore the sizes as experience tells me that there's so little between them that things should work out just fine. If it doesn't then I'll eat my shuttle!!! I don't wear hats (as in 'eat my hat) unless it's darn cold!!!! My head is too small to wear hats and they just blow away!!  That's the truth, by the way.  I have a pin head!!

So, here's round 1 of the doily with two unknown threads wound CTM on both shuttles. Oh, I'm not a lover of onion rings so I avoided those!!!!


Tim Kaylor said...

Jane, there is always a spot that can use a doily. If not, some friend or neighbor could use it. I make a lot of things to give away. The fun is in the making.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

The mystery thread is very pretty!

Jane McLellan said...

I don't know what I'll do with mine either, but am enjoying tatting it!

Madtatter80 said...

Lovely colors and I think block tatting and onion rings are my second favorite 🌹💟🌹

God's Kid said...

Beautiful colors!! :) Great start!! :)

Bernice said...

You are always so brave and adventurous with your tatting, looks good so far. BTW you and I suffer the same chapeau challenges. :)

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