28 April 2017

Somebody asked a question

About the new Clover shuttles. I lost the plot on yesterday and, in fact, had a hard time even knowing where I was and what I was meant to be doing!!!

It was 'one of those' days and I didn't even get to picking up a shuttle at all!! BUT I did manage to order two more from Tatting and Design here in the UK. They are roughly the same price as from Japan but cheaper on the postage. BUT, having said that, they may take longer to get here - not because of who I've bought from but because of my 'dear' friend - Royal Fail!!! We'll see!!

Now back to the title of this post. Somebody somewhere in the morass which was called 'yesterday' asked if the containers held the Aero/Aerlit shuttles. So, I took the picture below to show you. The red arrow points to the Aerlit shuttle and you can see that it 'slightly' overlaps the slot. The yellow arrow points to it's bobbin.   As there is plenty of 'space' when the lid is closed it does work well for those shuttles too.  Actually what I'd call a 'win, win' situation.

Tomorrow I hope to have the new pattern available.  Keep your fingers crossed that today won't be another of 'those days'!!!!!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the picture, this helps so much!!

Elizabeth said...

I am tempted to place an order. Of course I don't NEED any more shuttle but you know.
Looking forward to the new pattern. Maybe it will be the one with the bugle beads but who knows.
It will be great anyway.

Unknown said...

I so enjoyed today's post Jane :) Regarding the Aerlit shuttle. I remove the nubs off of my shuttles, so maybe they'll fit that way.

Jane Eborall said...

They may, lequita hicks but how do you wind the thread onto the bobbin without the 'nubs' on the shuttle? I ought to report you to the Royal Society for the Protection of Shuttles for being so cruel to the poor little things!!!

Bernice said...

LOL, I clip my Aerlit but not the Aero ones but then I have a bobbin winder my dad made for me. Please don't report me.

Unknown said...

I 'neuter' my Aerlits as well. I usually just push it onto a pencil eraser to wind it.

Jane Eborall said...

I won't if you pay me to keep quiet!

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