7 August 2017

Rosemarie Peel

As you can see - I'm back to my favourite Rosemarie Peel pattern - Rachel. 

This time I've made it using HWT (Hand Wound Thread). Two strands of fine (60, 70, 80) threads wound onto the shuttle together and another two strands used for the chain thread. 

This is my 'go to' pattern for travelling as it gives sufficient interest without being 'hard'. I think the book is still available but you'd have to 'google' it to find out. Here's what I said about it some years ago and I still stand by what I said.

I can never quite get my head around the fact that such a simple design can produce such a stunning effect - particularly the star in the middle.  I've done what I did to the last Renulek doily (2017) and replaced the longer picots in the centres of the florets with 'jiggling' the stitch count and using very small picots instead.  I've always been hopeless at getting those long picots you have to join back into the right size so this is my 'cheat'.


Tim Kaylor said...

I, for one, agree with your "jiggling". I have never liked the long picot start at a center like this. I have done what you do before and probably will again. I didn't know anyone else did it, though.

Jane Eborall said...

There you go - great minds, Tim!! We're obviously on the same wavelength!!! OR should that be picot length?

Anonymous said...

Inspired by your unwavering love, I've just started to work on this pattern. This book is easily available on Pinterest. Did you climb out with a split chain onto the final row, Jane?

Jane Eborall said...

I hope it's not stolen copyright on Pinterest as I know that Rosemarie put a lot of effort into her books and that would be stolen copyright. No, I didn't use a split chain at the end of the first round. It would've meant a split chain and then a split ring hiding one colour in the SR. It honestly didn't seem worth the effort!!!! I can be SOOOOO lazy at times!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply, Jane! :)

Jane Eborall said...

You're welcome. You caught me at the computer!!!!!

God's Kid said...

Fabulous motif!! :)

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