23 September 2017

Mrs Odum

Well if you don't know who Mrs Odum is then it's probably because you haven't been tatting for very long!!! 

Well, that's not strictly true cause I don't really know who Mrs Odum was except that she published this pattern in 1929!!! All I know is that I've seen many tatters make her daisy and have long wanted to have a go myself. So I did!!!


Tim Kaylor said...

I like that thread. It makes a nice daisy, doesn't it?
And how goes The Fringe? We want evidenc - er - pictures!

Jane Eborall said...

The Fringe is BRILLIANT, Tim but stupid me updated the iPad to IOS11 when I was at Kelly’s and the app I use doesn’t work!! May try with Safari!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I've seen this pattern tatted up many times, and I've printed it out each time I see it. However, I have yet to try it myself. I do like that thread! I did see one pic of you shopping!

God's Kid said...

Your last statement is the same as what I would say, so....soon I will have to try that pattern!!! :)
Love yours!!! :)

Phyllis said...

On my patterns list to tat up! Did you do a Catherine Wheel Join or a regular/shuttle join to at the end of the daisy leaf (after the 20ds + 20ds)? Is that the thread I gave you last year? Looks familiar. Have fun at Fringe.

Phyllis said...
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Jane Eborall said...

I used an ordinary join because I’m just too lazy to do the Catherine join!!! The thread is a rarely seen Coats thread which I found about a year ago in a charity shop. It’s gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Jane, So glad you are enjoying the Fringe. This was the year you should have come to Georgia. The weather was so nice! Highs in the 70's and lows in the upper 50's it was delightful.
I got to meet some tatters because I had a conference there on the same weekend. It was enough to inspire me to complete my Tat Across Time Apprentice work. Everyone was a great encouragement to me.

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