27 October 2017

A quiz for you

No, I'm not going to tell you but I want you to guess. 

Here's a picture of me wearing some shoes which don't belong to me!!!!

Who's shoes are they?

The person who they belong to doesn't know about this, by the way, and it's only thanks to Bev from 'down under' that  you have a picture to take the guess!!!  That in itself should give you a clue!!!!

Answer will be tomorrow!!!


Maureen said...

They're Nick's shoes! and I can see a pair of Keen's sandals in the doorway too. Very fetching.

Tim Kaylor said...

Yeah, I guess Nick.

Jane Eborall said...

Nothing to do with Nick - our feet are almost the same size and these are HUGE!!

Jane Keizer said...

Cliff's size 13s. 🤣

Jane Keizer said...

He knows now 😂🤣

Bernice said...

Now I know that you met up with Bev from Down Under while you were in Canada. So I say Randy Houtz, they look like hiking shoes.

Unknown said...

They belong to Randy!

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Happy Beaks
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