13 October 2017

Down the pub!

On the Saturday evening I was led astray. Honestly, I was bound and gagged and kidnapped and taken to the pub!!!! Yes it was almost a 'real' English pub and probably more authentic than English pubs are nowadays!!!! 

When we got there (Kelly, Vicky and I) we bumped into the South Carolina contingent along with my other dear friends Riet and Martha. What a lovely time we had before heading back to the hotel to play tatting again.


Jane McLellan said...

Glad to see it wasn't ALL tatting!

Maureen said...

Everyone's drinking beer!-was there gin too?m

Pigmini said...

Looks to me like they had a very willing English Tatty OG not very well gagged and bound if she could take these pics!! Lol

Good time had by all then?

Tim Kaylor said...

I see Pam and Jerry went to the Fringe! Going to have to ask them how they liked it.

Crazy Mom! said...

Looks like Reit, Martha and Vicki all got the rose blouse memo!

I know Vicki wasn't sorry about that beer! Looks like a great time was had by all. Wish I could have come!

Martha said...

I recommend the Fringe very much, Tim. It's like a cross between the Palmetto and Finger Lakes events. And the pub was great.

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