3 November 2017

Jane's baubles

This is a set of baubles I made for Spinning Jane who comes to Crafternoon. 

She arrived one day with a handful (or two) of big beads and asked if I could make her some decorations for her mini tree. 

Jane is a very generous lady with her homegrown fruit and veg so it was a great pleasure to say 'yes' to her request. The top picture is the baubles just finished and the bottom is when I'd added 'tops and bottoms' to them!!! She was very pleased with them when I handed them over last Friday.


Jane McLellan said...

Those are very festive! Wonderful thanks for veges.

Elizabeth said...

Those are so cute. Especially like the ones with the long beads.

God's Kid said...

Those are fascinating!!!! :)

craftie sylvie said...

What a fabulous set! And a great choice of beads; it looks like green and red, but it's greens and reds. Love it!!!

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Happy Beaks
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