30 November 2017

New pattern

I keep forgetting to put this one on my web site. I think I'm sort of winding down after the 'chopping up' of the TIAS and the uploading of the files. I prevaricate yet again!!!

This is the heart I taught in Canada at the Fringe Element in September. I suppose I really ought to have waited until after the festive season and closer to February but I'm afraid of forgetting about it altogether. Well, you know what BC3's like by now!!!

So, all you need now is the link so here it is!!!


Maureen said...

It could almost be a Christmas heart! Thank you for another lovely pattern.

craftie sylvie said...

There's no season for a heart! This one's exquisite, thank you so much for the pattern :-D

Chris Duckles said...

Not fair! Putting new patterns up when I can't download them, never mind, I can always pinch the iPad when he's not looking... And this message is from Pigmini in sunny climes, not the snow in East Yorkshire!!

See Print said...

I am looking forward to making this one!

Unknown said...

Simple yet beautiful! Love it!!

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Happy Beaks
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