21 December 2017

3 little stars in a row

Well I did it. I flipping DID IT. I remembered to join the green to the pink!!! 

I'm so chuffed with this I'm going to add more to the 'whatever it is' while I'm rocking and rolling!!! 

When I had the threads off Sue Hanson she'd wound some HWT onto small embroidery floss thingies but most of them seem to have three or four strands  (4 actually don't work out to the size that I need and sometimes 3 don't either!!!). All this is trial and error.  Sometimes 1 of the strands is thicker than the others.  To even things up I've sometimes had to add a thicker thread to get the right size.  My aged fingers are getting quite good at feeling the right size!!!

I've split her wound threads up again and added others (sometimes thinner) too. It's amazing how adept an old git can get at doing this without wasting a scrap of thread!!!! There's been some cussing though as occasionally I've nearly got a true tangle but the air still isn't blue in this corner of Tat Land!!!

I test each new HWT out with a few rings and chains of the pattern to make sure they'll work with each sizing before I start another star.  


God's Kid said...

It looks amazing!!! :)
Congratulations on remembering to join the pink star!!! :)

Pigmini said...

A whole Trio!!! Will they start singing Miss???? LOL they look pretty tho... stop giving me ideas, otherwise I'll have to write them down so's I don't forget 'em! Got enough to do here without more adding to the mix!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Yay! You remembered to add the pink! Will blue be next? ;-)

Tim Kaylor said...

I cannot see to comment. I must have a setting wrong.

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Happy Beaks
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