5 December 2017

Facebook mumblings

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Actually it verges more on hate than love!

I like that I can meet people there and that there are lots of tatting groups which I belong to too. I have turned off most notifications that used to come into my mail inbox each time somebody from each group posted something.  I found that it was all impinging on valuable time especially if I wandered off to follow them!!!  I do keep about two or three groups 'actively' sending me notifications and if somebody mentions my name then that seems to trigger an email too.  

When I do get a notification with a question in it and when I think I can answer it then I normally click on the email link, go to the page and then turn on 'notifications' for that thread. Sometimes I actually go and offer help or advice immediately but not very often.  I like to see what others have to say first.  Once I see that somebody has answered the question I take off the notification.

What really, really annoys me about Facebook is that people don't read what others have put and so there's lots and lots of repetition. I've thought long and hard about closing my Facebook account but I'm a nosy old person and once every so often something that interests me does come up!! 

So, if anybody wants me on Facebook then they've just got to mention my name on there - think it's called tagging? I will then bumble along and see what I can do to help. Getting 30+ emails from Facebook in my inbox each morning meant that I tended to be later and later getting on with the day. Sometimes I think I had more time when I was working!!!!

Below is a TIAS teaser!!!  Well, actually, it's just a picture of a shuttle and we'll be using shuttles in the TIAS so it's no help at all to you!!!!!


Maureen said...

The last T I A S will have to go off with a bang, so it's bound to be something very special!

God's Kid said...

That looks fabulous!!! :)
I hate facebook, but have friends and family that I connect with there since I can't see them in person, but I have often(just about every day) wanted to delete my account! Thankfully blogger hasn't driven me to that!

occhitat said...

Love your teaser--that is barely a teaser!! Sooo looking forward to the TIAS!
Katie V in NC USA

Madtatter80 said...

This is lovely, and understand about reading, its seems very little actually do. ­čî╣

Jane Eborall said...

I'm going to download all my photos in my account and then delete it and start again - I think!!!!

erin said...

Let it go! Time is too precious.

LibraryLady said...

I've turned all notifications off. If I'm meant to see it, I do -- if not, oh well ... DH has very few people as FB 'friends' but his phone goes off a lot. I'm training my ears to ignore it.

Love the shuttle and have determined to do your TIAS as a goal in 2018. I have two other tatting related goals also but details about them may have to be tweaked.


Jane Eborall said...

Good idea, Heidi. I'm gradually turning things off!! I'm also heading slowly towards closing my account and setting up a new one. I'm downloading photos at the moment and sorting out what I want to keep!!!!
Looking forward to seeing you on the TIAS AND even more to seeing what else you're up to.

Cindy said...

Aagghhh! I know what you mean about Facebook! I turn off my notification, and occasionally just “unfollow” or “unlike” some groups for awhile. (People too!). I know if I started over I’d end up with the same mess anyway, so better to just take a break for a bit. There’s too much “good stuff” out there for me to give it up altogether!

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