16 January 2018

A small diversion

As you know I join friends in a small town about eight miles away on a Friday to chat and swop ideas. It's called Crafternoon and is held in the local library. 

When we were sitting around last week I announced that I was going to make this little Itty Bitty Anything Bag which you can find here.

Well I wish I hadn't told them now as I got thoroughly teased. Why would I want to make it was the main question. What was I going to use it for was another. When I told them that I was making it because I liked the look of it and had no idea what it would be used for (if anything) I got myself teased and teasedeven more. What they didn't seem to 'get' was that it's not the things that I make that's important - in fact they're irrelevant. It's the actual making that's enjoyable. 

This little bag is really easy (took an afternoon only) and, of course, could easily be made larger. I also learned how to do the cord for it although I rather cheated in that I did use a knitting needle to hold the two stitches while I went back and worked the first stitch. I got up quite a speed doing it in the end.  It stands at 3½" high.  


Pigmini said...

So... is it big enough to hold a TIAS in progress???? Loves it!

Susie said...

It will hold shuttles without hooks!

Sewicked said...

It will hold a ball of thread for shuttle & ball patterns. It will hold dreams and hopes.

God's Kid said...

Cute! :)

Bernice said...

Jane, you already make wonderful fabric bags, now expanding your bag business. so cute.

Jane Eborall said...

Ah, Bernice, it's by no means a business as I get bored making bags!!! I still get the urge to make them, though. Just the selling bit doesn't interest me!!!

Madtatter80 said...

so many treasures your bag will hold!

Ginny W said...

I think that is a cute little bag with many uses

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