18 May 2018

It's a BOY!

Bet you thought I'd given birth when you read the title of this blog post!!!!  Hardly feasible at the 'tender' age of 74½!!!  I'm back to knitting glove puppets again!!! This time it's a boy!!

Actually although I'm not that fond of knitting it's proving a good way to teach myself (and pick up speed) how to do continental knitting. 

As a crocheter this way of knitting makes a LOT more sense as the yarn is held in the left hand (like when you crochet) and is almost 'hooked' through the loops. 

I had a very dear friend called Irmgard many years ago who tried to teach me her continental way and I just didn't 'get' it but now thanks to Youtube I'm on a roll with it. I may EVEN start to like knitting in the end!!!!


Jane McLellan said...

Will you make a crochet version too? I'm a 'thrower', though I use the continental method when knitting with two colours.

Maureen said...

My mother was Russian and knitted this way; she was extremely fast! It's a much more forgiving method of working if you have arthritic fingers as she did

Although I know how to do continental knitting, I prefer circular needles with the old fashioned " throwing" method. Your boy puppet is looking good, perhaps you could knit boys and girls as gifts for the local maternity ward! There's a grumpy little two year old in our family who was not instantly enamoured of her new baby sister and I think an appropriate puppet might have been very therapeutic!

Tim Kaylor said...

Actually, Jane, of the three, tatting, knitting and crochet, I consider knitting to be the easiest. I still would rather tat.
Oh, and are you handing out cigars with that "birth"? Hehe. Looks good! Now you can make some gloves.

Jane Eborall said...

Yes, Jane, I'll probably do a crochet version when I've 'worked out' how to do the line between the pants legs. I'll probably embroider a line onto the finished puppet.
Yes, Maureen, I agree - it's a much more forgiving (and faster) way to knit. Wish I'd learned it from the start.
Oh, Tim, I can tat you a cigar!!!!

God's Kid said...

He's cute!! :)

Kathy Niklewicz said...

These little puppets are very cute! So glad you're mastering Continental knitting!

It was an unusual way that I learned how to knit Continental style: I was 20 years old in 1964, and watching an old movie on TV. A woman was knitting in the movie, but she wasn't 'throwing' the yarn with the right hand, and was holding the yarn in her left, moving the right needle as if she were crocheting. I wondered if that was really possible, and it was. (I already knew how to crochet.) That was when I finally realized that knitting is simply pulling a loop through a loop (like crocheting) and was not 'woven' in. I didn't know it had a name and that knitting had been done that way for centuries! I couldn't find it in any American books. Eventually I did find it mentioned in a few books/magazines but 'hidden' in the back pages. Purling is a little trickier, but I was delighted that I could do ribbing and seed stitch twice as fast. And then I discovered that two-color knitting could be done with one color being knit the 'English' way, and one color in the Continental way. So it helps to know both methods.

I'm kind of envious that the younger generation has Youtubes. I had to wait 35 years to learn to tat to 'see' it done by someone. Couldn't figure it out from books. Ironically, I hold my thread exactly the same for tatting, knitting and crocheting!

Madtatter80 said...

I love him I figured it was a grandchild your so funny girl😂

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