21 June 2018

Yet again!!!

Sometimes test tatting can lead to a 'what if' situation!!!

I love the angel that I did for Martha a few days ago but I 'needed' to see what it looked like without the picots on the rings!!! I'm not particularly fond of lots of picots as when I started tatting (back when the dinosaurs were around) everything had lots and lots of picots. I think I outgrew them.

So, I decided to do this lovely angel 'naked'. Of course I'm now regretting not adding beads to the picots that I did leave in!!! Do I feel another angel approaching? Maybe, maybe!!!!


occhitat said...

Yep, I see a beaded angel coming! Lovely pattern. Yay, Martha!!

God's Kid said...

Great angel! :)

Unknown said...

Like you, I'm not terribly fond of picots too. Would endeavor to eliminate them as much as I could when a pattern looks "hairy" with too many of these. :D

Tim Kaylor said...

Aren't becoming quite the angel? Hehe. Looks good. Less frilly can be nice too.

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