31 July 2018

Problem solved

Well the origami boxes turned out pretty well, I think. 

I always make my own stickers/labels for things as I have a trusty label print software program. Well I thought I did until I went to use it the other day. It crashed, crashed and crashed again.

So I consulted my guru (aka Nick) who said no wonder it did as it was so old it couldn't cope with the latest IOS. 

Off I went to the App Store and found one for the total price of - wait for it. Ninety nine PENCE. Well it was worth the risk so I bought it. A bit of a learning curve but once I'd 'got it' it works well. It's the Orion one (red arrow) below.

So I've begun to make labels for my sales items. First the Christmas trees in the new boxes.


Maureen said...

These boxes are wonderful! But labour- intensive too, I should think, I'm quite sure I would tie myself right up if I tried to make one. The only thing I can fold is a paper boat. I'm really good at those, and for a few short weeks as each grandchild is shown this magic, I bask in very gratifying admiration. Shortly afterwards they all move on to iPads, even the two year old, and I lose my credibility time and time again.

Pacawithknitting said...

Well done! Very ingenious of you.

God's Kid said...

Fabulous presentation!!! :) You did great on your boxes!!

Jane McLellan said...

Very professional result, good for you!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Excellent packaging! So clever and attractive! You overcame all the obstacles and succeeded!

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Happy Beaks
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