10 September 2018

Still working on this

Now before I get this pattern onto the web site I thought I'd test out a theory!!! Well, not really a theory - just an idea of BC3's!!! 

I was wondering what the August Snowflake would look like when several were joined together. Well, here's the answer - so far. I decided to go with the same colours as I'm enjoying the look of them but am also wondering whether I can do anything else!! I'll have to have another think about this. I don't want to fill the negative spaces as I really want to see how they look after several have been joined together - although I suppose I could always go back and fill them later! We'll see.


God's Kid said...

I think they will look wonderful!! :)

linb54 said...

Very pretty! I also like the color combo. Are you going in a strip or like a doily. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

craftie sylvie said...

It is such a pretty design! Assembling more than one can only be a good idea ;)

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Looks just fine! Very pretty colors, and yes, you can always fill in later; but it may not be necessary! I would just duplicate them on the computer to get the general effect! I don't have the tatting speed that you do!

victats@gmail.com said...

Negative space is nice

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Happy Beaks
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