10 October 2018

Forever surprised

Going to be a busy few days as I'm taking part in a sale in the local library.  Hoping to sell a few of my tatty bits and other things too - wish me luck, please.  The details are in the bottom picture.

Now you know I like using HWT (hand wound threads) but it always surprises me how threads I'm not sure I would ever use can turn into something I really DO like.

For instance - the two reels of thread you see below are from a batch I bought off Sue Hanson. They were a bargain but these were two reels I honestly didn't like when I saw them.

But a year or so later and into my diamond project I thought I'd give them a whirl. I was gobsmacked when they turned out to look FABULOUS. You can see the results in the second picture. That's the outside and final row of the diamond project and these two unlikely threads turned out to be 'just what the doctor ordered'. 

The moral of the story is always try combinations that you don't think will work when using HWT. Nine times out of ten you'll be very pleasantly surprised!!


Maureen said...

Yes, you're right, they do, amazingly look great together. At the Brisbane Craft Show last week I was admiring the colours of King Tut thread, , but sadly the price far exceeded my means, nearly $16 for one reel! I think it would have been perfect for HWT .

Ninetta said...

Thank you Doctor, I'll follow your hint! Wishing luck!

Michelle said...

You’re right! They turn out to be a rich, vibrant combination.

Jane McLellan said...

Amazing. They look pretty unappetising in their original form, fabulous together.

Anonymous said...

I never would have believed those two would look so good together! There's a richness and variety to the color(s) that is wonderful! And yes, they go together marvelously! Looks great.

linb54 said...

they do look awesome together. great idea!

from Virginia

Martha said...

Wow! Who would have dreamed those 2 spools would have looked like that together. It almost looks like Karey's handpainted threads.

Good luck at the sale!

Jane Eborall said...

Well, Martha, they might look a bit like Karey's threads but I LOVE hers too. I can never resist her threads.

God's Kid said...

You always seem to have colors work out wonderful together!! :)

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