23 October 2018

More seahorses!!!

Well after talking to lots of people in the library sale I had several ask for special commissions. 

I'd made some small handouts which I encouraged people to pick up so they'd got my details. I only put on my website and email address - no phone number as I try to remain pretty private if I can.

The first of the commission orders came from a lovely lady who must live locally as once they were done we met up at the end of her lunch break outside Shakespeare's Birthplace!!! That's one of the MANY good things about living in this town - you can arrange to meet people in easy to find places!!! These were for a friend of hers. 

Problem is - I'm now tempted to make another pair for ME with this super thread!!!


Tim Kaylor said...

Wow! Those really pop, don't they?

Jane Eborall said...

Just wish they were mine, Tim!

Jane McLellan said...

Those are really great, who could resist? You must have a pair for yourself!

Maureen said...

I like these! What is the special thread you used?

God's Kid said...

Totally awesome!!!! :)

Jane Eborall said...

I'm afraid I don't know, Maureen. They're HDT but no idea where I got it. Sorrrrryyyyyyy.

IsDihara said...

Magnificent! Wow! Aside from the vibrant colors, the blue noses are adorable.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Yes, you need a pair for yourself! So colorful, and the blue noses draw the eye! Wonderful design!

And again, as I mentioned in your earlier post, I believe your tatted mat should be framed and put on exhibit at the Library. With so many visitors to your hometown (wish I could get there!), it would be seen and admired by lots of people! If you demonstrate/sell there again, you should have it on display!

Apparently saving and restoring the ancient cottages that the Library is in was a big political issue in the early 1900s! Difficult to believe that some wanted to tear them down!

As a tribute to my English heritage, we did our game room downstairs in 'Tudor' style with white stucco (real plaster) and dark beams. This was back in the 1970s, and the style still holds up today and always gets compliments. Tudor is a timeless design for architecture!

Jane Eborall said...

Sadly lots of buildings have been demolished locally in the name of 'progress'.
I doubt the library would want to display the mat as there's little room in the building for that purpose. Over the past two years the available space has been shrunk with fewer books and the registry service moving in too. It works, though and nobody seems to mind much. We have silver surfers, a new craft club, a guy who does ancestry with people and other activities all taking place there. A lot happening in an old building!!!
That sounds lovely your game room. I hope you play Tudor games there!!!

Jill McTats said...

Love the seahorses Jane. Perfect thread.

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