8 February 2019

Houston - I have a problem!

So off on the next 'phase' of this adventure!!!! 

As you know I like to do a set of middles then work on the 'outers' which is an easier (for BC3) pattern to remember when I'm out and about. 

It occurred to me that I'd stated back here that I was going to attempt to use the whole ball to make this. A rash statement perhaps!!!! So my next task is to work out how much each motif takes to make so on the final 'inner' here I jotted down how many yards are on the shuttles - both the shuttle 1 and shuttle 2. When I work the ‘outer’ then I’ll be able to find out how much each whole square takes.

In theory this should help - BUT when I looked on the DMC Cebelia label it doesn't say how much is on there - well not in yardage!! Now I have two conundrums - (a) my maths is diabolical and (b) how do I find out how much is on the ball.

So I asked Mr Google!!!  No luck on the DMC page as no yardage given but snooping around Ebay the sellers are saying it’s 416 yards.  A further snoop on Amazon and the sellers there say 405 yards.  I reckon if I ‘go’ with 400 yards I’ll be able to work out how many squares I can make.  Well if BC3 is behaving, that is!!!


Maureen said...

On the Crochet Australia website it says that a ball of Cebelia 20 has 410 metres. I only clicked on the 20, they have all sizes listed if you want to compare. My favourite thread has always been Cebelia 30, I love it. Not in black, though, the black is just as rough as almost every single other brand I have tried. Must be the nature of the dye I suppose.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, Maureen. I think I’ll reckon on 400 just in case I lose some through mistakes!!! OR in case their machine wasn’t counting properly!!!!

Pigmini said...

Not only that but... you do have 'wastage' when at the end of a round... would you start the next element with just enough for 1 Ring & chain or would you start with another full shuttle?? If it were my decision it would be to stick with 400 metres, then the natural wastage ain't an issue!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

That's an awful lot of math, not my cup of tea. I see how many motifs I can tat and then count them when the ball is finished, which is really pretty useless. My method doesn't allow me to see if I have enough for a project. I think I'll wait for you to do the math!

God's Kid said...

That would be a challenge for me too!!
Looks like it is coming along nicely!! :)

Jane McLellan said...

Yes, best to be conservative when making such calculations.

Madtatter80 said...

Yes the personal mistakes get me every time just when I think I have it figured up right😃

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