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25 April 2019

Juliana round 3

No, this won’t do. It’s a disaster.

Just as I thought - those rings at each end of round 2 are a problem. In fact round 3 made them even worse. Back to the drawing board and a small modification of the pattern!!  I've done it as the designer suggested but even hers tended to overlap slightly.  I think that with a little thought I can ditch two of those rings at the end of round 2.  

See the ‘sort of’ clovers on the outside of this round? I’m not happy with those either. They flop around as they’re not attached to each other. Time for BC3 to fix that problem too.  My favourite designing technique is going to come out to play here - I don't call myself (secretly) the 'Queen of the vsp's' for nothing!!!

Question is - do I cut this back to start round 2 again do I start from scratch? Answers to this question would be interesting!!! 

What would YOU do?


Jane McLellan said...

Well, seeing as you'd have to cut most of it back and be left with very little, I think it makes more sense to just start over.

God's Kid said...

It looks ok if the rings didn't overlap!! :)

Mouse^^^ said...

I think a clover on the ends of round 2 would be perfect

Mouse^^^ said...

But need adjustingso they don't overlap when doing the next round or reduce from the clover and make only 1 or 2 rings

Mouse^^^ said...

Or maybe a ring on ring for that spot only

picotsnkeys said...

I'd start over. But after I took some thinner thread and made some tacking stitches where I consider joining with vsp. Fiddly, I know, but it does save me time with the fresh start.
Good luck!

Madtatter80 said...

Start over and save this little beauty for a beautiful lace journal cover you know it will look great on outside with all your lovely lace patterns you've made through the years. I can see it now sitting out on the coffee table and friends coming over and flipping through it😊

Anonymous said...

Since you'd have to cut back so FAR, I'd start over. Then again, I seem to be the queen of starting things over. I seem to have inherited your vsp 'habit,' too - I like everything anchored down so it can't flop around. :) Except for the overlap, which *might* be fixed with heavy blocking/steaming, it looks great. Now it's time to call in BC3 to 'fix' the pattern. If anyone can sort this out, I know YOU can.

Jane Eborall said...

Love all your comments and would like to thank you loads. I have decided to start over and also remove one of the rings which caused the overlapping. I’ll be blogging progress again when I catch up with myself. This weekend is a busy time in town as it’s Shakespeare’s Birthday and all sorts of things go on which I’ll be wanting to go and see. Thus not a lot of tatting time!!!
Glad you’ve caught the ‘vsp’ habit, StephanieW. It’s such a useful idea for anchoring things.

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