4 July 2019

Knitting a tea cozy

We had a very quiet day at Silver Surfers two weeks ago so the volunteers had time for a chat with each other!!! Usually we get a few people wanting help but not this particular Wednesday.

While we were talking Pete mentioned he'd like a tea cozy for his teapot. Joan and I discussed it and I've taken the task on!!!! 

I'd knitted a tea cozy like this one years ago and still have it somewhere. I wanted to knit this pattern so duly armed myself with yarn, needles and pattern and off I set. Whoops, not as easy as I thought to get the tension behind the 'pleats' on this pattern.  Took me three attempts to get started!!!  Still I'm off and doing OK with it now. Going to be interesting when it comes to decreasing, though!!!

First picture is the front and the other is the back. Fingers crossed it’ll finish up OK.


Jane McLellan said...

It does look interesting. Nice and warm too, it’s sort of double?

craftie sylvie said...

Looking good! I love tea cozies too - although these days I drink only iced tea, I'm only happy below 20°C and Mr Weatherman keeps forecasting over 35 :(

Tim Kaylor said...

Jane, does that wrap around and then you sew a seam? I am so terrible at knitting seams that I usually convert to circular. Jane McLellan asked if it was double. It is probably the way the stitches lay. It looks insulated! Should work fine.

Jane Eborall said...

Two seams, Tim as it’s knitted in two parts. You sew the seams and leave spaces for the spout and the handle. The ‘knack’ is getting the yarn the right length at the back when you change colours. You leave a space of ¾” so that the colours ‘pleat’ themselves. Easy but fiddly as you’re forever changing colours!!!

God's Kid said...

Very interesting!! :)

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