9 September 2019

Post Tat Days blues

Well here I am. Monday morning and it’s all over.

How is it that Palmetto Tat Days just gets better every time I get there? I didn’t take many pictures as I was too busy either teaching or just soaking up the atmosphere. 

I’m not going to start name dropping on all the wonderful people I met as that’ll only make you jealous! But I will show you a few personal highlights which amused and amazed me.

Today I’ll show you something that really made me think I’d gone totally bonkers. I walked into the show and tell room and saw what I thought was MY tattysaurus. 

It won the top prize which it thoroughly deserved if only for perseverance in making it! I’m so sorry I can’t remember the name of the winner but I’m hoping she see’s this and leaves a comment.  I’ll add her name when I find out!

Thank you Melissa Mead for the comment letting me know you’re the brave lass who made the Tattysaurus.  


Pigmini said...

Love him!!

Pigmini said...

Love him!!

Ninetta said...

absolutely deserved the top prize!

Tim Kaylor said...

I wish I had been able to stay and see that!!! Do let us know who it was.

Unknown said...

I am the one who was crazy enough to attempt and complete this project. Melissa Mead

Jane Eborall said...

I had remembered the Melissa part of your name and asked the friends I’m with at the moment whether they knew if it was Melissa. They didn’t know so I didn’t risk trusting BC3! Thank you so much. I can now amend the post. You’re a very brave woman to tackle the Tattysaurus.

God's Kid said...

Oh my goodness, Wow!!! :) That had to take a long time to figure out and tat!!

Jane Eborall said...

I did the pattern some years ago, God’s Kid. The link to it is here http://www.janeeborall.freeservers.com/Tattysaurus.pdf

Kathy Niklewicz said...

First of all - are you really back in England?

Second - I had no idea that this amazing Tattysaurus even existed!!! I'm sitting here kind if dumbfounded (gobsmacked?) Where have I been?!!! I've looked at your 'animal' pages many times!! I was able to trace its history on your blog and am even more amazed at how 'old' he is. I looked at the pattern and got quite light-headed! Were you able to diagram it 'back then'? Your drawings, as usual, are as fascinating as the tatting - not to mention your amazing creativity and imagination!
Even with the wonderful drawings, tatting this would be way out of my capability.

So glad Melissa made herself known. Wish she had a blog so we could see more of her work! She definitely deserves an award. Did she know you were going to be there? Gosh, I'm full of questions, aren't I?

Jane Eborall said...

No Kathy, not home yet and have another week or more over here thankfully.
Yes, the Tattysaurus is an old man now! In ‘those’ days I used a windows machine and then had to re-learn a new drawing package when I changed to Apple machines. It’s part of the fun of tatting.
I think Melissa knew I was going to be there as my name was on the internet as one of the teachers. Melissa is really lovely and I was so pleased to meet her.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I'm glad you're still in the States and weren't affected by Dorian. That was kind of a close call! I would have hesitated to fly here, but then again, I don't actually fly anywhere anymore!

We certainly look forward to hearing about all your adventures!
Of course, you were teaching - how silly of me!

Thanks for the response, and have a great time!

picotsnkeys said...

I agree that the Tattysaurus was spectacular. It was so exciting to see you! I hope to talk with you more the next time our paths cross.

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