23 December 2019

Jan's Waistcoat pattern

Now my friend Sue (Pigmini) showed me the waistcoat she’s currently working on. This was about six months ago and I fell for the motif lock, stock and barrel. 

Trouble was that I didn’t have the book it’s in and I wasn’t going to ask her for a copy and put her in the very embarrassing position of saying no. Why ‘no’? Well Sue’s like me - a great respecter of copyright so I just admired what she was doing and thought about how I could get a copy of the book. 

I could probably buy it here in the UK but it would be expensive for just the one pattern I want to make. So I decided to wait until I got to Palmetto Tat Days.

What enormous luck - there was a copy in the silent auction. I stalked that copy for the whole time I was there as I found that somebody else was bidding on it too. Just before the end of the auction I saw her write on the bidding paper again so I waited for her to wander off and steamed in with another bid and I WON IT. 

I wanted to make it in two colours and without cutting and tying the threads. I managed it with a split chain and a SSSR hiding one inside.


Maureen said...

There's nothing better than a good book hunt! I'm glad you got it.

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Is there a picture? What was the title of the book you won? Curiosity is brewing in my head.

Jane Eborall said...

There are pictures of the book cover and the one motif I’ve done on the blog post, Sherry.
I was very pleased to get it, Maureen.

Jane McLellan said...

The motif has a lovely sense of movement. Well done for capturing that Book!

Anonymous said...

Glad you won the book! I'm sure you will find all sorts of fun inspiration in there, not just the one medallion. It looks very different using 2 colors. I like it!

God's Kid said...

Awesome!!! :)

Tim Kaylor said...

So that's why you were asking if it was red. Hope you didn't pay too much for it. Great book to have.

Bernice said...

Love that motif and the book. Great find.

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