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24 March 2020


Was fabric day!!! No, I haven't finished the threads but this sort of overlapped as I knew that a bag I was stuffing fabric in would probably better be used for threads! If you can't follow that then I can assure you that I can't either!!!

Lockdown has worsened here in the UK so the opportunity to tidy the rest of the house and do a 'proper' Spring clean is imminent after the big craft project tidy up!!! 


The following pictures are work in progress.  I pressed some of the badly crumpled pieces and put them in piles of large pieces, smaller ones and those which may do for another patchwork project sometime in the future.  All this was done on the bed as that's the largest free flat space in the house!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

There's no keeping up with you, Jane! I took a before picture of my crafting mess. I'm nowhere near ready for an after picture!

Jane McLellan said...

One thing about using the bed is that you have to finish the job or you can’t go to bed!

Jane Eborall said...

But as Jane points out, Diane, when you use the bed for sorting on you HAVE to get on with it or you’ll never get a good night’s sleep!!!!

Teri TATBiT Dusenbury said...

Can't help but love you! That is the problem with cleaning it NEVER ends. Last moment on this green earth should be spent tatting. At least, in my estimation. Here in the Seattle area they are recruiting machine sewers to make masks. I think of you every time I hear that advert. With little tat-splats sewn on to brighten the fact that the mouth is covered. We need more Jane Eborall designs!!! Could you find a little time for some tatting merriment. We want to smile behind the masks. With much love always... 🥰

Jane Eborall said...

Don’t you worry, Teri - there’ll be plenty of tatting once I really know what’s lurking in that tatting cupboard. Spent another day and now all I’ve got to do is label the reorganised boxes so I can immediately go to the ‘right one’ when I want it!!! Fun coming back soon, I promise!!!

Maureen said...

I have been away, on a journey to visit far flung sons and a gorgeous newborn granddaughter. Border closures have sent me scurrying home much earlier than planned. I am out of the loop- what have you been doing with fabric? More patchwork?

Jane Eborall said...

No, not patchwork, Maureen. I'll be showing and telling next week when I've hopefully got it done or almost done!!!

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