15 May 2020

First attempt small bow

I found another bow in the Dutch books which I fell in love with. Again this needed a lot of thinking about and that really hurts my brain!!!

You can see from this first and failed attempt (well, actually it's probably the third attempt as the others got thrown away) that there are spiral chains in this pattern.

This is a technique that I've happily avoided for years and years!!! I'm NOT a 'dropper of shuttles' as it slows me down. In all the destructions (sorry, instructions) I've seen it says to work 5 or so first half doubles then drop your shuttle over the work. WHAT? NO tatter wants to let go of their shuttles!!

But here's the thing. This was one clever nun/sister as she didn't do that. She said to - well, here's a technique page to show you. I’ve NEVER seen a spiral chain done this way but now it’s the only way I’ll ever do them in future!!!

I hope to get this done over the weekend and hopefully on my pattern site by the middle of the week.


Jane McLellan said...

It's interesting how often the answers to conundrums have been discovered long ago and forgotten! I found the best way to do spiral chains was to use unflipped stitches, which I learnt from Sherry Pence. But I'll have to try this too.

Jane Eborall said...

There seems to be two ways of doing spiral tatting, Jane!!! I never got on with the unflipped way either!!!!

Pigmini said...

The way in the link above is brilliant! It works well

God's Kid said...

Looks pretty so far, and thank you so much for sharing the info. for a spiral chain!!!! :)

erin said...

I know I'm backwards now. I let go of the work and let it turn. If it's a large piece, I actually turn the piece in my left hand (I tat right handed). I'll have to give these other ways a go!

Jane Eborall said...

That’s why I never used the technique, Erin. It’s the ‘letting go’ of things then picking them up that annoyed me!! I’m a lazy tatter and do anything for an easy life!!!
You are SOOO right, Jane. The way you’ve been doing spiral chains is another way altogether and gives quite a different result. By using flipped stitches (either first or second half) you can then add in other things like - well more will be revealed when I publish the bow!!!!

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