1 July 2020

What's in a name?

Another update on the oval doilies.

I'd really, really appreciate somebody coming up with names for these.  There are three and I feel it should be something to do with the original designer/designers - the nuns in The Netherlands.  

When they've got names I always feel that they then can be put on the web site.  I'm really hopeless at naming my own work as you've probably noticed!!  

A name is important and that's why I changed mine some thirty years ago - back to my proper name instead of a name that it was 'taken for granted' I'd use when I got married.

OWCH - something personal nearly slipped out there and you know I rarely let anything personal escape online.  I must be getting old and senile - AGAIN!!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Names are tough! I had trouble coming up with names for my daughters! The only thing I can think of is the three amigos, and that is not very nun-like!

Unknown said...

Hi Jane
Not an original thought. One of your followers suggested Beatrix for your second doily which was very clever. So I went to google to find the Dutch Royal Family Tree. Here are the female names - Maxima, Mabel, Laurentien, Catharina, Alexia, Luana, Eloise, Ariana, Leonora. I don’t know if any of these ladies are deserving of the honour of having a doily named after them.
(I changed internet providers and now my name won’t attach to comments. I don’t like being ‘Unknown’!)

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, you've both (Diane and Bev) been so helpful. What about 'De Drie Nonnen' which (in Dutch) means The Three Nuns?
I'm keeping your suggestions (Bev) of Royal family names for the next doily project from the books. In fact I've got two more I'm looking at now!!!!

Pigmini said...

I like De Drei Nonnen!! Suits them! Otherwise we'd have to ask someone who's Dutch to help, and I haven't seen my Dutch pal since the start of lock-in!!

God's Kid said...

Great! :)

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