18 August 2020

Another technique page

Now this is a simple but oh so useful little technique devised recently by Elaine P. Gan.  At first I must admit I didn't 'see' it as a particularly useful tool as, after all, the SLT was doing the same thing for me and that was already implanted in BC3's little old brain.

BUT when I came to try it out in a new little pattern I'm working on it certainly was helpful.  Not QUITE as Elaine probably would have thought of but it has now got me really excited.  

I bet you want to know what it is?  Well, Elaine has called it the reverse join which totally sums up the usefulness of this idea.  I used it with a switch shuttles too - will show you the new little design tomorrow - even though the web page itself isn't quite ready.

Here's a little technique page which I've done for thsoe who prefer to have things the 'old fashioned'way and not as a video!


Jane McLellan said...

Right. Thanks.

GraceT said...

Yes - very handy! :-)

dani, the geek said...

interesting... i've been using this for the shuttle join at the point of a chain, so the two chains stand apart from each other just enough to not twist... haven't reversed the shuttles, though...

Judith Connors said...

I love Elaine's extension of the lock join to encapsulate the green thread. I keep finding new places to use it.

Ninetta said...

Thank you! I like your technical drawings more than videos!

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Happy Beaks
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