15 February 2021

Back almost to normal

Well on this blog, I hope.  

Christine asked me how I design the TIAS so I thought I’d tell you a bit of what happens and how I work it.  It’s much the same as an 'ordinary' pattern.  First of all I have to decide what I think will work.  It has to be something that people will recognise all round the world.  With animals I use google images and particularly cartoons.  

Sometimes I do the design as per usual but then often realise that that particular design would be guessed too soon so have to start again from a different part of the pattern which throws up many different complications.  

I draw the whole design and do all the notation as a whole pattern and then, once I’m happy with it I chop it up (drawings as well).  This means lots of work checking the chopped up bits especially the drawings.  

After that it's a case of deciding on names to use for each url.  This I do while bearing in mind where they’ll show on the server.  Thus the AADAY1 etc names.  This keeps the current TIAS all together at the top of the server.  Once everything is uploaded I then send the links to a test tatter (thank you Ruth) who gives it a go as if it's a TIAS.  Obviously there are hiccups that have to be sorted!!

More soon on how I then run the TIAS from Planet Jane!!!

Meanwhile Mr Fox (or it could be Mrs) is available as a whole pattern here.


Maureen said...

I am completely in love with Mr Fox, he has been marking my place ever since he got his second year on Saturday..

Jemm said...

Now what shall I do, Tatting I mean. There is that much that I want to do, but don’t know where to begin! Not to mention housework.
Thanks Jane for all your tias. And all your patterns.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, Jemm. Glad you enjoy it all. I do too!!!!

Pigmini said...

It's been fun!!! WE NEED ONE NEXT YEAR!!! We're not taking no for an answer!! Missing 2 years was not fun! It helps the dark days after Christmas n New Year pass with a highlight!! So no pressure, but....

Jane Eborall said...

Hmmm, Pigmini - no pressure?!?!?

Unknown said...

Mr. Fox is adorable!! I am going to tat him soon.

Thank you for the pattern.


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Happy Beaks
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