15 September 2021

More fingers

There’s something about knitting gloves that is so satisfying - particularly doing them from the fingers down to the cuffs.  

Not sure why that’s so but it might be just ‘me’ who enjoys this challenge.  

Can you see the markers on these fingers?  Joanie gave me those when I last stayed with her in Florida.  They’re so, so useful.  I’ve noted which colour represents which finger in my notes app so that I can keep my BC3 happy!  

These gloves need dpn’s (double pointed needles) and TWO circular needles of the same size.  Well you don’t really need the circular ones but I found it so much easier  to use those for the part below the fingers/thumb when I last knitted gloves using this pattern.

So, onwards and upwards!!!


Pigmini said...

A six fingered glove.... Novel!! LOL

Jane Eborall said...

Six out of TEN fingers, Sue!!!! Two hands equals ten fingers. Now you're going to be pedantic and mention thumbs!! I know you!!!

Elizabeth in Weat Virginia said...

Oh Jane, I do just love the colors of the yarn, what yarn are you using?

Jane Eborall said...

Elizabeth I’m afraid I don’t know!! I got it from a little shop in a town nearby. I’m going to go over there again soon to get some more. I’m now addicted to knitting gloves using this method of fingers to cuff!!!

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Happy Beaks
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