3 October 2022

Marmello round 6

Back again on the Marmello doily and another two rounds added.  

I’ve not got a lot to show you this coming week as I’ve been working on two new designs.  One will become the January TIAS.  

I am wondering now if people scan or take photos of their TIAS as this may well prove interesting if I ever do a 3D one.  Would be pleased to know what people do.


Jane McLellan said...

Your Marmelo is looking fabulous! I take photos of my tatting.

Sue said...

Marmelo is pretty! Excited to hear that you are doing a TIAS again! I take photos of handwork. They are easy to share.

Anonymous said...

I have to scan my tatting. Your Marmelo doily is gorgeous.

GoldenMom said...

That Marmelo doily is gorgeous! Wow! For the TIAS, I sometimes take photos and other times I scan. I can adjust whatever you decide to do. I know you'll keep us in suspense and having fun no matter what direction we'll go.

Crazy Mom! said...

This doily is gorgeous! As usual, you have a great eye for color. What a lot of individual pieces!

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