29 February 2024

Another pair finished

Well you thought I was talking about one pair of gloves but actually this is the second pair I’ve knitted!!!  While I was in the ‘glove zone’ I thought I’d just carry on!!!
The first pair went to the new owner last week and this pair (she’s found the two she’d previously lost!) will stay with me!!  I keep a pair in each coat I’ve got so I don’t have to keep looking for them when I need them!!!


Jane McLellan said...

You’re getting very slick at knitting these! Good idea to have more than one pair.

Tim Kaylor said...

Looks great! One of these days I have to make a pair for myself. Not today. Too much to do. (Doily)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Great color! I have multiple pairs of mittens, but no gloves. I think I'm too lazy to tackle gloves.

Rose Anne B said...

That's awesome! I do that most times too!

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Happy Beaks
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