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13 October 2010

NEW - Single Shuttle Split CHAIN

A few weeks ago I had an email from Georgia who forwarded a message from Terry Nimmer.

Terry had been struggling with the usual ways of making the split chain and had come up with a really, really clever way of getting round his problem.   So, between the three of us (sorry, that should be four as brain cell 3 HAD to get in on the act!) we've come up with this page!!!

Now we have three ways of doing the split chain - the original way, Marie Smith's 'Fast and Easy' way and (ta de dah, roll of drums and trumpeteers trumpeting) we now have Terry Nimmer's way.   

Thanks, Terry for letting me get involved in this - I've really enjoyed the experience.  Here is one of the diagrams to 'get you interested'!!!!

Oh, don't miss tomorrow's blog post - something else that's new about to hit Tat Land!!!!

25 October 2018

Scary spiders with beaded bendy legs!!!

Well here it is. The link that you've both (Sue Duckles and probably one other somewhere in the world) have been waiting for - scary spider earrings or  pendants or whatever you like to use them for!

I'm exhausted now - that was quite a rush getting the pattern done in time for Halloween but I did cheat!!!  I not only used the Terry Nimmer pattern but also used the Tatbead family idea for the legs.  Here's the link to that idea.

Here in the UK Halloween was not heard of until it became an 'American import'. We used to celebrate Guy Fawkes day on November 5th but that's become quite secondary nowadays to the 31st of October!!!

Here's my pair and I'm wearing them today - well, that's when I get dressed, of course!!!

19 November 2011

Jane's Butterfly

Before I start - don't forget that my Ebay tatting book listings finish later today.  My user name is janeeborall.

Do you remember when Terry Nimmer came up with his idea of floating chains?

Well, Jane McLelland has been playing with the idea too.  

Here is the link for the pattern for the butterfly which is in my Guest Designer section on my pattern page.  I'm hoping she'll show us the pattern for the flower (right side, top picture) too in time.  Clever lass is that one.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.