30 April 2016

Finished peacock

Well as promised - I present you with a peacock!!!!  
Here's the link to the pattern.  

29 April 2016

This is a 'how not to' post

Definitely a post about how not to design!!!! 

As you know I rarely start off with anything drawn or totally 'thought out'.  I 'tat from the heart'. Well, not really as my heart doesn't have fingers!!!! I tat from experience and ideas of what may work and with the benefit of my three remaining brain cells - also known as BC3.  I do study images of a critter if that's what I'm trying to do - particularly cartoon drawings as cartoonists have a way of making images that remove the detail and take your attention to the true basics of an item.

This is how I started off with the peacock.  Well below are some of the pieces  I produced while trying to get what I wanted - others got assigned to the bin.

Now for the 'good news'. I've just got to finish off the pattern page and get it up on my site and you should be able to have it tomorrow. Hopefully you'll see that it's a lot better than the 'trials and tribulations' shown below!!!

28 April 2016

Another round.

This is the third round which is simply a repeat of the first one!!! Not sure why I like this pattern so much but I THINK it's cause it's interesting but easy!!! It's what I 'do' when I can't think of anything new to play with!!!

Actually I do have another new pattern to put on may site and which has been ready for a month or maybe two!!! I'll try and check it out today to see if it's in a fit state to be put on there!!!

27 April 2016

I've got a secret!

Did you know that I've got a secret? My little sister is having a giveaway. Did you know? 

Do you want the link to her blog? Well I expect I'd better share it or you'll all be shouting at me all day!! Here it is.

I'm not going to tell you what it is as you'll have to go there to take part but I'll give you a little, little, teeny tiny clue. Here it is.

26 April 2016

Not quite normal service!

On Mondays and Wednesdays I teach in the local library - Silver Surfers. When we finished at three o'clock yesterday afternoon we got outside and there was a group of Chinese performing in the street outside. Well it was mesmerising. I stayed for around three quarters of an hour just watching. Here is a link to the videos I took.

While I was standing there one of the Chinese assistants gave me a programme and this very pretty little dangle.   There was another leaflet which I wish I'd taken which was about the reason the opera are touring the country.  The Chinese are celebrating the 400th anniversary of the death of Tang Xianzu about whom you can find out more here.

Tomorrow I WILL get back to eating again!!

25 April 2016

Normal service!

Normal tatting will be resumed tomorrow but I simply HAVE to tell you/show you what I've been doing this past weekend. As you all know it's been the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death so the town has been busy and it's been a load of fun.

Here are a few pictures (below) and a link to the videos I took on Youtube.

Shakespeare live was filmed and shown on the television during the evening.  Proud to be a true Stratfordian?  You BET I AM.  Born and bred here and generations before me.  Can't beat it!!!

23 April 2016

No post today!!

Sorry but no post today - the town's going to be BUZZING and I want to be part of the buzz. 

We're celebrating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death (he was born on the same day too) so there will be all sorts of things going on all day. 

Having lived in the town most of my 72½ years I'm determined to enjoy every moment.  Wish me fun!!!!!

22 April 2016

Owl progress!!

Upwards and into the tree - all three owls are now safely roosting where they should be.

I'm now dreading the next part - hate finishing off things!!! The borders have to be put on but they also include part of the picture which 'overlaps' into it. 

Can you see my best friend sitting there on the table? A LARGE cup of tea!!!! An OG cannot work without a regular supply of tea!!!

21 April 2016

Silver baubles

Another bauble has been made!!! 

This is another one made with the Altin Basak thread which is called Nakis Simi.  This is one of my favourite metallic threads. Also it's very, very cheap to buy in that one spool goes a long, long, LONG way. 

In this bauble I've managed to enclose the rib ends in the final round - thus eliminating the need to sew them in. All I needed to do was sew in the shuttle, chain threads. Win, win situation!!!

20 April 2016

Pink Fandango Doily - more progress.

Back to the pink Fandango doily and another round added. I'm afraid I can see this addiction lasting a long time although BC3 is thinking of another idea. Something I've been wanting to do for ages. Wonder if it'll work?!?!

19 April 2016

Tatting at Churchdown

I think it was last week I mentioned that I was going to put on my big girls pants and drive out of my comfort zone which is roughly ten miles from home!!! There's a big line around the town ten miles out which is where I normally start to panic and worry. Well Saturday I broke the barrier and escaped my trap!!! 

I set off in snow showers and arrived (one wrong turning only) in plenty of time and sunshine!! It was a really great day - Linda (who I met up with in Canada at the Fringe Element tat days) had organised a great day with some lovely, lovely people. Plenty of cake, tea and coffee too. 

She'd asked me to teach techniques - starting with the split ring, self closing mock ring and pearl tatting. I'd prepared lots of shuttles with size 10 thread and the students I had were really fast learners. Also at the event was Joelle (aka La Cossette on Etsy) who brought some of her amazing work. It was good to meet up with her and all the others too.  Now I'm wondering if I'll be able to go to other places over my ten mile boundary now.  You can't beat a satnav for helping an OG to break her nemesis!!!!

18 April 2016

I'm getting overrun with mice!!!!

I'm pleased to say, I might add. 

Today I'm going to introduce you to Jennine's mouse first. Now this is one very strange mouse with his very 'different' eyes. I'm not going to tell you what Jennine says - you'll have to check this link to find out or go to the Exclusive Tatting Club page and scroll down. I'll share ONE of her pictures, though!!!

Not long after Jennine's mouse had settled into the Exclusive Club Kathie's mouse arrived. Again I'm not going to tell you what she said but I now realise that Lodi must've been overrun with mice too!!! Here's her picture.

16 April 2016


Although I know I've added the pattern to the web site I forgot to show you the final (well for me) round of the green (ish) Fandango doily. When I say 'final for me' I mean at the moment I think that's as far as I'm going to go!!! I'm really chuffed with this pattern as it's a 'go further or not' one - just a shame I haven't bothered to block it yet!!!! 

Whilst writing this post it also reminded me that I'd not yet uploaded the link from the Motifs and Snowflakes page either.  I've now done that.  

15 April 2016

Another bauble bell

I'm definitely going great guns on bell production. I've even found a really easy way to hide the ribs in the final row AND add beads to them too. BUT I've got another idea for adding more beads to that final row too.

Hope to be back shortly with the next addition.

By the way - the top is a very small metal split ring which I've covered with tatting before adding the ribs and then continuing the bell. Small ideas make for a fun piece to make.  I do have an idea to make more and more of these in this wonderful metallic thread but we'll see.  

13 April 2016

A new mouse.

If you've got time I suggest you pop over to the Exclusive Club to see the latest mouse from Ginny. Like Ginny I had a hard time figuring out how to do these baubles the first time and find I have to return to them every so often just to refresh my memory. 

Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!! I actually really, really love making them!!!

Here's Ginny's picture but you'll have to go to the club to see what she says. 

12 April 2016

It's ready

Finally got my act together and the Fandango Rectangular Doily is now available.

Where? Why here, of course!!!! Below is the first round of the pinkish one and I'm still working on the last (?) round of the green one. It's good to have choices, isn't it?

11 April 2016

Off on my travels

Well, not that far but in my little brain it's a LONG WAY. 

Silly as it may sound - I can get on planes and go wherever I like but getting in a car and driving to places is something I just don't do. I have a fear of getting lost which is ridiculous when nowadays we have satnav etc. I also in the past used to worry about breaking down but that isn't really relevant now as we've got a car with all four wheels (sorry, five) and an engine that appears to work.

Anyway, I met a tatter in Canada called Linda and she's from Gloucester.  We've been emailing and phoning since then. She arranges the Gloucester Tatting Day which is next Saturday and kindly asked me if I'd go along to teach. Well this was a few weeks ago and I said 'yes'. This will be my first foray to a tatting group in England for around twenty years. I don't hear about them anymore since I don't belong to any group or have any means of finding out. Being a grumpy OG that's probably a good thing!

So next Saturday morning I'll be off. Now, I do hope it doesn't turn out like my dream last night. In that I arrived safely but was still wearing my bedroom slippers I was SO embarrassed. I then went to the loo and afterwards, because the event was held in a HUGE school, I couldn't find my way back to the classes. I missed EVERYTHING.  What a silly dream.  

9 April 2016

Up, up and away!!!

This is just so exciting and absorbing. I'm really enjoying the whole experience. The dark blue background is fabric that I've had for years and which was always being kept for 'something special' cause I liked it so much!!! 

The other brighter colours are from my stash too. In fact, so far, I've not had to go and buy anything for the owls. That's got to be good as it means I'm running down my stash of fabric.

Now, don't get worried - tatting is still ongoing and I'm now nearly finished on the final round of the green doily and have done a little more to the pink. I'm hoping to get the pattern finished off and on the web site over the weekend. Least that's the plan unless the owls tempt me away!!!!

8 April 2016

New hobby!

As promised I'm going to tell you about my new excursion into foundation piecing. Now I've only ever done hand sewn patchwork and hadn't a clue what piecing was all about.  This is another of the useful links I found.

On a wonderful excursion into the wilds of Canada (somewhere near Toronto) I was taken to a quilt shop. I don't think I've ever seen so many fabrics and such inspiring work as I did that day. Well, Ruth (one of my hostesses) bought an owl kit (top picture below) and I looked and looked at it and thought and thought about it before thinking 'why not'? So, I bought one too.

Since last October I've read and read the destructions (yes I meant to put that word!) and it got more and more confusing in my brain. There's a practice piece and along with a couple of Youtube videos and knowing that Ruth would be five hours behind me in Canada on the other end of an email I started on the practice.

My first attempt was dire. Yes, dire. Really hadn't got the hang of it at all. So, what did I do? Well, made another template from the master and had another go. 

Well, I did email Ruth AND watched videos again before starting the second one.  That's underneath the kit picture.  First there's the right side and then the wrong - you can see I've taken the paper out.  Great tip from Ruth was to set the stitch length to 1.5 on the machine to make it easier to get the papers out.  More soon on my progress.

7 April 2016


Even though I haven't finished the doily I'm working on in greens I've started another one - in pinks and browns!!! Again I'm using size 40 thread.  Just love to sit and make things without writing it down and agonising over stitch counts and 'possibilities' as I go along!!!  

I will get round to putting the pattern up on my site soon but I've been sidetracked once more by a new hobby. I'm hoping to show you - starting tomorrow. 

This is something that is taking me waaaay out of my comfort zone but thanks to my dear Canadian friend - I am now getting 'sorted' and am getting to that stage when you say to yourself 'why have I never tried this before'?

More tomorrow.

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Happy Beaks
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