3 January 2007

Progress and Lack of Progress!

I had a good session on the heart yesterday as I started in the afternoon. Naughty tatting in the afternoons but the weather was abysmal!!
So first of all below are various 'scraps' due to mishaps, restarts and plain lack of concentration!!!
The piece I've tatted below is the first one I tried based on the drawing (also below). You can see that the actual tatting looks nothing like the drawing. Yesterday I thought that the piece 'bulged' too much at the sides so decided to do away with one SR on each side but when I was tatting the new version up I realised that this wouldn't work. I will have to add the SR's back in to today's drawing. I've also joined two SCMR's to SR's to add stability to the middle. The first tryout below doesn't look too far off! The problems with any alteration is that the text has to be constantly changed and the numbering of the rings too. If I didn't draw and re-draw, text and re-text then I'd get VERY lost!! The final tryout on the right is probably going to be the final 'start point' for the heart (longer chains at the top and a bit more 'tweaking'). I shall now use a 'decent' colour and thread and try playing with beads. Also need to re-draw this one today.
If you look very closely at the final one you will see that it must have been late in the evening. I obviously can't read my own instructions and missed two joins. These I tied in afterwards but they may well throw the whole design out of shape and I might find myself starting again from scratch. It has been known to happen many times in the past!!!
Later in the day and I've drawn up the new diagram to go with the text based on the last tryout above.

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Tattycat said...

Jane, I really like this heart in a ring. It is shaping up beautifully. I've just got to make myself work on SCMR's and split chains. I keep putting it off. Anyway, it is beautiful and very interesting to watch you put it together. I wish my mind would work like yours does!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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