27 February 2007

Now where did this tatbead angel fly in from????

Look who flew in overnight! I'm not sure where she/he's come from or whether she/he will be staying or not! Yes, an angel!!!! Fancy an angel coming near me and the tatbeads???!!!!

Today has been very, very busy. An early morning meeting with the IT lady at the local library to show me their computer system so that next week I should be able to meet up with my first student. The students will be 'silver surfers' and I'm really looking forward to helping older people get onto computers and the internet. For the past few months I've been helping a friend to get started and of course I've been helping my father for years (he started at the age of 80 and is almost a non reader). I've also been trying to get my new computer up and working. SO much easier than fifteen years or so ago when I bought my first one but even so very time consuming. No time to tat today and now I'm just too tired. I'm hoping that tomorrow will see the last of the software found and installed and then I'll be able to tat again!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jane, I love the nun and the angel. They should bring blessings enough for all of us, right?!!
I love the angel's outstretched arms spreading into the wings. She's a beady little thing for sure!! Awesome work, Jane.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jane-You gave me a fright! Its been awhile since I could find a shuttle (actually had to buy two more) since the summer and hurried to your site to see what was new and I found an Eulogy from Georgia! I just about died. Did an immediate google on your name and found your new blog--I like it!
So glad all is well! Well off to fill my shuttle with the thread I got on sale.

Jane Eborall said...

Sorry Maggie. It was just a HUMUNGOUS joke!! You're not the first to be taken in by it!! I'm alive and well and still tatting!!!
Good luck with the new shuttle and thread.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane!

I love both the angel and the nun! The angel needs a halo, though...is that in the wings (somewhat of a pun intended!!) I love the use of the buttons for the feet.

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