4 May 2007

Nothing to do with tatting!

Friday, good, megga good, exceptionally good, fantastic day.
I had a phone call yesterday evening from my youngest daughter who then put four year old Nathan on the phone. He told me that 'mummy's got a baby in her tummy and it's going to 'pop out' soon'. I can't explain how I feel as I'd been hoping for ages that Nathan would have a sibling to share his parents with. Callum has Oscar and Athena has Carter and finally Nathan will have somebody too!!!
After all those years of teaching I realised way back that it was really good to have more than one child if possible. I'm the oldest of three (one brother and one sister). I know it's not always possible but it's good to have somebody to play with, argue with and, well, just BE with!!!!
I apologise to anybody who thinks that this blog is all tatting - caught you out this time, eh?!?!?!!?
No tatting yesterday and probably not a lot today as the garden took a lot of my time!!!


Carol Lawecki said...

Congratulations on the new grandbaby. I think it is just grand!!! Does this mean another trip to the USA soon?

Tatman said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Oh happy, joy, joy! I am sure you are on cloud nine. That is great that Nathan will have a playmate now. I think it is good to have more than one kid as well. They learn to share ;)

Now you need to tat lots of baby things :-D


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jane, ah babies are so very very nice!!

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