30 April 2007

Edging again

Back again on the edging. I didn't get anything done on Saturday and in fact didn't even pick up a shuttle - BAD DAY!!!! My new computer was playing up so it meant taking it back to the factory settings and then re-installing Vista. Last time I did an 'upgrade' but this time a 'clean install'. The drivers got themselves in a heck of a muddle. This time everything seems to be working well, so far!!! The edging finally got picked up at eight o'clock Sunday evening and I'm still not happy with the header on it. I think it needs to be 'prettier' so perhaps more picots would soften the outline. All suggestions VERY welcome before I abandon the idea!!! Interesting progression using the continuous thread join and I'm pleased with that part. I also like the 'firmness' of it as that will make it stand up to countless amounts of washing! Anyway, here's last evening's version!!!


Tattycat said...

Jane I think the edging is very pretty. By the way, I am about halfway finished with your crab pattern for Isaac's room. You are a genius! I don't know how you do it.

Tatman said...

Don't abandon the idea just yet! I am a fan of picots and I think they soften and make tatting look lacey. I sent you a redo of your image to give you an idea. Run with it!

Mark, aka Tatman

Gina said...

I love it just as it is. Just enough curves and circles, nicely spaced, and I love the 2 color contrast too. If you do change it, can I have THIS pattern? LOL!

:-) Gina

Susan said...

I can see it in blue and white.
Or maybe pink and green.. love edges..

On the outer edge the ch, ring, ch, ring , ch, ring, chain,,,, how about a ring facing up, in top of the middle ring... not sure how stable it will be but it might look nice..

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