12 July 2007

Enough about tatting with colour!

Yesterday I thought I'd give myself a bit of a challenge!!! As you can see from yesterday's post I was playing around yet again with colours and then I thought - what about no colour!!!! When I was last in America I bought two reels of invisible thread for sewing purposes only. Years ago I'd bought invisible threads in the UK and found them impossible to use for sewing as they were too 'stiff'. The ones I bought in the USA are fabulous and I use them for attaching motifs to rings, sewing motifs to clothes (as in the gecko jacket) etc, etc. So I decided to try tatting with them. It really is impossible to use it singly (unless you want to be climbing the walls!!) but doubled then this is what you get. I've scanned the little test piece twice with different backgrounds to try and get a decent scan. It's only very tiny - 1/2". I went on to add beads and am half way through making a motif which I'll hopefully add tomorrow. A challenge - you betcha!!!!


Linda S Davies said...

Jane, you really are a glutton for punishment, I thought tatting with silko sewing cotton was bad enough!
Linda (toptattyhead)

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Jane,

What is the brand name of the invisible thread? I have tried using invisible thread to sew my tattng down, and find it almost impossible to use. I can't find my invisibvle thread at the moment, I think I got so frustrated with it that I threw it out. LOL! Thanks! Carol p.s. Your Gecko is great and I can't wait to make some!!!!!

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Happy Beaks
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