11 July 2007

Purple and Orange!

I didn't think that purple and orange would 'go' together so raided my threads yesterday to find out. Even though colours can look good together when you put the balls side by side, it doesn't always mean that they'll be OK when used in tatting. I think this deep purple and orange worked well. Oh, I also played with the beads too!!!
I remember as a young child that I once had a skirt which had a deep blue background and a green print abstract pattern on it. I loved this skirt and I wore it proudly to visit Aunty Nelly. She was my godmother as well as my grandmother's sister and I was her favourite child in the family. She took a look at the skirt and was disgusted. She quoted 'blue and green should never be seen'. This is my earliest memory of really looking at colours as I loved those two together in that skirt and couldn't see anything wrong with blue and green together.
Wonder if her remark 'coloured' the rest of my life?


tatbit said...

That is so "Victorian" the saying "blue and green..." My mother use to say it too! Snap! My mother also thought that children should never wear black in their clothing and it still is a "thing" with me! Whenever, I see a kid in black, well! Also, I can recall telling my kids to go change when I saw them in green and blue and reciting... it's a new-age! I like the combo!

Sewicked said...

Don't look at me. The only color combinations being 'out of the question' that I can recall are 'navy/black' and 'white/off-white.' The latter because the stark white makes the off-white look dirty (it really depends on the shades of white involved).

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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