2 July 2007

Preparation for Palmetto

The Palmetto tatters gave us a short 'spell' in which to submit lesson ideas back at the beginning of the year so it was a case of 'all systems go' and getting the brain working when it would really rather have been in hibernation!! The result was that I was very lucky to be chosen to teach.
Now, the downside is that it's given me more time to worry and mither about the patterns I've submitted!!! I know I'm a silly old git but tat's me!!! Every month or so I go through another major panic about whether the patterns will be 'understandable' so I try them again for myself.
On Friday I thought I'd try the Fantasy Flower once more. After doing the centre and first round I got hopelessly muddled. Panic really set in. Should I email them and tell them I'd made a major mistake? What should I do?
After half an hour and half a glass of red wine I suddenly realised where I'd gone wrong - I hadn't read my OWN instructions - I'd just assumed I knew how I'd done it. This is the result below. Why five? Well, because once I start making something I enjoy doing it and just get carried away!!!!!


Pamela said...

I think she is suffering from gecko withdrawal symptoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those Fantasy Flowers are STUNNING!
Palmettos are VERY lucky to have her IMHO.

Sewicked said...

I have screwed up a pattern more times because 'I know what I'm doing, I don't need to look at the pattern' than I have from bad instructions & misunderstanding the instructions put together.

Valerie said...

hey jane, it's not the red wine. i think a little does help to soothe your nerves. the 5 flowers look absolutely gorgeous. u have my assurance.

good luck at the palmettos.

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