30 September 2007

Motifs by the hundreds!

About ten or twelve years ago I answered an appeal in the Ring of Tatters Newsletter for help needed with making small tatted motifs.
This came about at a very good time for me as I was struggling financially and sometimes working a day job followed by another three hour temp job too.
The motifs were for a lady who was setting up doing handmade tatted stationery for weddings. She paid me for doing them and still occasionally needs some help.
We've become very good friends and met up a few years ago at - wait for it - a Funeral Directors Trade Show/Exhibition!!!!!! (I didn't know til then that there could be so many styles of coffins and had never given any thought to all the other paraphernalia that undertakers need.)
Back in April/May she asked if I'd like to do 100 of each of her small and large snowflake designs while I was in America. Strange now to think that these were tatted in Cincinnati and Marblehead (up on Lake Erie) and in blistering heat!!! I ran out of thread before I completed the second 100 so finished them when she'd sent me further thread back here in the UK. I thought you might be interested in seeing a couple of 'bundles' of them - all ready to be mailed sometime this next week.
Now I've got all my 'autopilot' things completed I'm ready and raring to go on my next design. Oh, one more item to complete (hopefully today) before I start on my next adventure!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I look forward to the day I can do some autopilot tatting! I'm still a slave to patterns... just when I think I have one memorized, I totally mess it up! I guess I am on autopilot with my daisy lace edging for socks, but somehow that doesn't seem to count! I love the little snowflakes. They even look do-able to me!

Tattycat said...

The little snowflakes are lovely, but so many! Once again, more proof that you are a much better woman than I!

Aine Ruane said...

May your friend have a speedy recovery.

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Happy Beaks
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