3 October 2007

Treasures unearthed

For reasons tooooo boring to mention I've been having a HUGE tidying up session. I found the following photographs which are very interesting and which I'd forgotten I had!!!
These were supposedly taken in 1966 (at least that's what it says on the accompanying letter) and I think it was at a tatting event which took place in Leicester. Not really sure about that, though! Looking at me in the photographs (horrid idea, I know!) I'm sure that it was much later than that as I couldn't drive at the age of 23 and I know that my ex husband never took me to any tatting events!! I think the year should be 1996.
However, I digress as usual!!! In the first picture you can see me with Toshiko Takashima who was the lady that invented the
Takashima Bari Tatting hook/needles. I remember that Toshiko had come to the event with her daughter who did all the translation for her and that she was booked into my morning class. She then asked to come to the afternoon one as well. She was a lovely lady and we kept in touch (via her daughter) for some years.
I would LOVE to know what happened to them both.
The second photograph shows us in a group and you can see in both pictures some of my tatting in the background and part of Pam Palmer's dragon on the back of my jacket.
I met Pam that day too and she took photos of my back - much the best pictures ever taken of me!!! I will blog those another day!!!
Beneath the photographs is the letter I received some months later from Toshiko.

Dear Jane October 6, 1966
Thanks very much sending a bird patern and other paterns so fast. I will make it soon.

Thanks again for teaching a wonderful technique of biginning of tatting. It is marvelous idea, is there special way of technique at the ending?
We are glad that you are interesting in our Takashima-bari. I am sure you find it very easy and fast.
We heard that some member asked to have work shop of Takashima-bari. If possible, we want to have the work shop so that the person having Takashima-bari will fully master how to use and fully use utilize it.
We enclose herewith a picture taken on that day. It was really a exciting day for us to attend Tatting day, especially your work shop.
We are very much impressed that so many persons loving Tatting got together and exchange such a nice knowledge and fasten friendship.
We wish to attend a Tatting day next year again. Looking forward seeing you soon.
Yours sincerely Toshiko Takashima


Mimi said...

Thanks for posting these photos! 1996 is a very good guess... I meet Mrs.Takeshima and her daughter in 1997, and my photos of her are very similar. I hope you find out how they are doing!-Mimi

Sewicked said...

Isn't that just fabulous. I do hope that they are doing well.

Nellie said...

Just stopping by to wish you a very happy birthday! Hope your day was swell! A friend in Colorado....Nell

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

From looking at the date printed on the picture I would say that the picture was taken on September 9th,1996. Nice to have pictures isn't it to bring back memories?

G-31 Toastmasters said...

Reason 1 - driving
Reason 2 - ex
Reason 3 - photo date data
Reason 4 - Those are 90s clothes, not 60s clothes!

The Takashima hooks are masterworks of engineering. I have tried knock-off hooks and they don't work even remotely aa well because they aren't engineered. I could rave all day about the magic and beauty tjat are the Takashima hooks. Last year I entered two works into "The Big E", both done on the Takashima hooks. (One took 1st place and one took second.)

Esther Paris in Rhode Island, USA

Jane Eborall said...

You are right, G-31 Toastmasters. More likely 90's. Not sure what the dated letter was about. I gave away my Takashima hooks as I could never get on with 'tatting' on a needle. I love my shuttles too much!

G-31 Toastmasters said...

Sherry (Celtic Dream Weaver) had posted in comments that the photos have a date stamp in the lower right corners. No need to puzzle over the date. :-)

I bought an old set of hooks from eBay some years ago. Just recently I learned how to use my phone to interpret Japanese to English. So I put my phone to the task of interpreting tiny words on the hooks' case. Essentially it said "patent pending". So my eBay hooks must be among the earliest made.
Best, Esther Paris in RI, USA

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