30 November 2007

Day 3 of the kangaroooo

Now I beg you not to laugh at last night's attempt. Honestly I'm still making a kangaroo. Sometimes I know it stretches the imagination!!! I've decided to still 'go with the flow' but I've stopped writing down what I'm doing as it will all have to be changed.
OK, let me try and analyse this.
Main leg is OK - just needs tidying up.

The tail is not long enough and is at a funny angle - again it's almost there.

The back at the top of the leg is sagging. Needs a fair bit of attention.

Now the other leg is - well, in the wrong place but I feel that it will be just another matter of playing with it.

The joey (looks like an alien at the moment) is horrid!!.

The arms are sort of OK but the shoulder etc isn't right.
I started the face but it really was too late in the evening.
By the way, that's only half a face there!!!
The way the kangaroo is 'hunched over' will correct itself in the final chain from the head to the shoulder - least it SHOULD!!!


Pamela said...

My gut feeling looking at it is that the legs are unbalanced, and that maybe they should all be in the same kind of tatting (or the tatting reversed.

The fore legs on block tatting look very heavy and the hind legs look very delicate whereas it should be the other way round.

The hind legs are very powerful and muscular and do most of the work of jumping, along with the equally powerful tail. Whereas the fore legs are much more delicate and used for handling objects.

Your kangaroo looks as if it would fall over!

Before you tell me to do it myself, or maybe throw your new joey at me! I have to add that he will end up fab.

Betsy said...

I don't think the joey itself looks so bad - it's just where it is on the kangaroo. Should be a bit higher up, and the kangaroo should have more of a belly - it doesn't actually have a pouch at the moment, just a joey sticking out of its stomach!

Tattycat said...

You are a brave and determined soul! I just don't have it in me. What would we do without you?

wickedtats said...

=) well... I for one think you're making great progress! =)

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