9 November 2007

Favourite doily

After a remark I made on HBT I thought I'd better post this doily!!! I must have made it about 355 years ago. Well, slight exageration! I bought the Penelope leaflet (number 4, for those who are interested in the pattern) when it first came out - brand new!!!! Doesn't that date me?! In those dim and distant days there were very few things to make that interested a youngster but this always struck me as being particularly pretty. It's called 'Snowflakes' and below you'll find a picture of it as shown in the leaflet (on the left) and the one remaining finished one that I made. This is worked in sewing silk thread which was the only way I could get colour into my tatting in those prehistoric days. It measures a bare 7" across.


Tatskool said...

That is so funny Jane. In my dim and distant past I only ever made 3 doileys and that was one of them!!

I dug out my doiley and it looks exactly like that pattern but not like your super frilly one. I never had a Penelope book so it must have been in another book as well.
I only had 4 books/booklets at that time and 2 shuttles.

Anonymous said...

That is such a pretty doily, Jane! - I'll have a hunt, I have some of the Penelope books. Off now, to show it to Jenni Clark, Susanne in Denmark, and few other doily-afficionados of my acquaintance......

Sewicked said...

Oooh, prettikins. It's 7"? Oh ye gods, that makes my eyes hurt. Metaphorically speaking.

KnitYoga said...

Exquisite! I love vintage and antique patterns and your doily looks just perfect!

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