11 December 2007

Now I'm sure!

I'm sure she's finished now. I made the back legs two block rows longer from the hip to the joint. This has made a whole lot of difference. Of course this threw a lot of the text out and that had to be re-jigged too. Maybe one more bit of adjusting needs to be done where the chain from the second back leg to the joey just may need a ds or two less. I'll look at it again in a few days time.
I'm playing with a new 'quickie' idea at the moment. Not sure if it'll get anywhere - we'll see!!!!


alt.ayu said...

Hi Jane,

Thanks for visiting! I'm still very new to tatting and am only able to practice with whatever little time I have. I love your pattern page and hopefully I'll soon be good enough to make some of them there and this cute little kangaroo here! ;)


Toptattyhead said...

Hi Jane,
I think you are right with the extra length on the leg, but what have you changed on it's back? I hope you don't think that I am being picky but I prefered the shape of the back of the previous roo to this one. I'm only saying this as constructive criticism - and of course it is only my opinion.

Tattycat said...

She certainly looks finished to me. They are both so cute and inquisitive!

Anonymous said...

I think Linda is right - the longer legs have made all the difference - I couldn't put my finger on it with the last picture, but the legs are just perfect now; but yes, the back looks wrong somehow! This little kangaroo must have been incarcerated at the same convent I was, with Mother Superior holding a ruler behind our spines in chapel to ensure we sat up straight!

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Happy Beaks
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